From Bohr to the Global Positioning System

  • Torsdag, 11. april 2019 - 17:00 til 20:00
  • SDU Odense, Campusvej 55, 5230 Odense M, Mødested: Foran U45
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Naturvidenskabeligt besøg i laboratoriet hos Nonlinear Quantum Optics Group og forskningleder Sebastian Hofferberth, som har modtaget det prestigefyldt ERC Consolidator Grant for sit eksperimentelle arbejde med den ellers overvejende teoretiske kvantefysik.

From Bohr to the Global Positioning System - how quantum mechanics is turned into technology

w/Associate Professor Sebastian Hofferberth, Nonlinear Quantum Optics Group, SDU

The microscopic world of atoms, electrons and molecules is ruled by the laws of quantum mechanics. Developed roughly 100 years ago by the likes of Bohr, Einstein and Schrödinger, this revolutionary theory now forms the foundation of all modern physics, chemistry and more and more even material and life sciences. Its predictions have been proven time and again in thousands of experiments by now and in research and development labs around the world, scientists have long moved on to not only test quantum theory, but to apply it to develop all kinds of new technology - from computers to atomic clocks to GPS and more. Yet still, for the vast majority of people, including physics A level high school students, quantum mechanics remains somewhat mysterious and inaccessible. 

In this event, we will give a brief introduction to the quantum mechanics of atoms and electrons, explaining and discussing key concepts like Bohr's probability interpretation of quantum mechanics or Heisenberg's uncertainty principle. Besides telling you about quantum theory and its applications in two mini-lectures, we will work with you through a few example calculations and engage you in discussion about the less intuitive aspects of quantum mechanics. Finally, we will show you two research labs, where SDU scientists exploit quantum mechanics every day.

To fully participate in this event, no prior knowledge on quantum mechanics is needed. If you have joined our previous event on the quantum nature of light, you will recognize many concepts, but that knowledge is not mandatory.


17.00 Welcome and introduction
17.05 Lecture: Atomic physics from Niels Bohr to GPS
17.50 Dinner break / Discussion
18.15 Lecture: The daily life of an atomic physicist - working with the coolest thing in the universe
19.00 Lab tour
19.30 Questions and discussion
20.00 Goodbye

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